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An near perfect open-source imitation of Minecraft game
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Minetest is intended for playing games. In fact, it is an open-source version of Minecraft, a well-known indie game. In this respect, most users acknowledge that this product is a quite perfect imitation of the original. Therefore, it is logical that, just like Minecraft, minetest has open-ended goals, with the additional incentive that you can create your own structures, objects and tools. Besides, most of the interest in this type of game comes from its being both single and multiplayer, which means that you can share your worlds with other users.

Technically speaking, it is excellent that minetest supports a huge playing area. Likewise, it comes with an impressive texture pack. What is more, its engine includes multiple map generators. Yet, you could still install additional generators if you wish. Fortunately, there are also many games you can download from various servers, which include survival and building games.

Despite the similarities mentioned, minetest shows some differences if you compare it with Minecraft. Some users, for instance, claim it is easier to survive in minetest since there are fewer dangerous situations. Besides, even though there are fewer mods available, they are easier to install. There is also a negative opinion about minetest having fewer animations. Finally, it is a shame that you could experience a lag feeling at times.

All in all, it is excellent that there is an open-source version of Minecraft with a friendly community to support it. Regrettably, minetest has the downside of being just an imitation, so it may get somewhat outdated compared with the original at times. Luckily, this product is available for various platforms.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Open-ended goals
  • Easy-to-install mods
  • Impressive texture pack
  • Supports multiplayer mode
  • Easier to survive


  • Fewer animations
  • Possible lags
  • Unoriginal
  • Fewer mods
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